Feb 20, 2011

Marina Beach, Chennai

Marina Beach in Chennai, India is the word's second longest beach, but its probably the most un-swimmable beach on earth.  Chennai is a port city and pollution from its rivers, which are pretty much big sewage pits, all end up in the Bay of Bengal.  Not a very romantic thought, but people don't swim here.

The pictures here are from a hot February afternoon.  Temperature over 90 degrees Fahrenheit.  Since people here hide from the sun rather than embrace it, no one was really on the beach but the regular vendors. At any one time, there may be thousands of vendors selling everything from cheap, plastic toys to ice cream to horseback rides.  These pictures show drink and snack vendors.  One isn't open or maybe has closed until the evenings when it's a bit cooler and people come out to walk along the beach.  Any people on the beach were at the shoreline, just standing to catch a breeze.