Jul 9, 2011

A Snake Visits Our Chennai Garden and How We Caught It

Snake Catcher Chennai

Snake Catcher Removing the Teeth of a Rat Snake

It's not every day that a 5 or 6-foot snake wanders into your garden and the entire neighborhood is in your yard trying to give you advice on how to get it out of there. Well, if you're smart, you call the nearest Chennai snake catcher, someone who has experience with even the deadliest cobras. See the length of this snake. It's a common rat snake and nonpoisonous, but who wants to brave catching one with no super-tools?

This guy did! He found the snake literally holed up in a patch of loose dirt in the garden and was bitten several times in the course of trying to catch it. The guy didn't mind a bit and, as a bonus, removed the snake's teeth (they will grow back).

Rat snakes do just what the name implies--eat rats and small, stray animals. They are not usually dangerous to humans, but they still bite! This one got bagged and moved. It was not killed, but relocated and bit only in fear, not in an attack. You have to be grateful to brave guys like this. Neighbors suggested that we scale down our garden to be less "snake-friendly" but we don't see snakes often. This one was an afternoon sensation, but he's happy somewhere else tonight...without his teeth for now.

Chennai Snake Catcher Showing off