Mar 5, 2011

Semmozhi Poonga Chennai

Chennai opened a new 22-acre botanical garden on Cathedral Road in November 2010 called Semmozhi Poonga, which roughly translated means "Classical Language Park".  The Rs. 80 million park contains more than 500 different plants, some rare, some imported from China and Thailand.  Inside the garden are 25 neat and clean themed gardens that feature specialities like aromatic plants, topiary, herbal plants and a Bonsai garden.  The garden is about 500 meters beyond the American Consulate on Cathedral Road near the famous Gemini flyover. It opens early for walkers, but the general population can visit from 10am to 8pm for the price of Rs. 10 per person. The garden is closed Tuesday.  If you have a camera, you'll be charged another Rs. 15 for the pleasure of taking pictures.

Botanical Garden Chennai

Semmozhi Poonge Photo

Poonga Chennai Picture